Best SSH Tunnel Manager

SSH Tunnel Manager is described as ‘tool to manage SSH Tunnels (commonly invoked with -L and -R arguments in the console). With SSH Tunnel Manager you can set up as many tunnels as you wish, each one containing as many port redirections as you wish’ and is an app. There are many SSH Tunnel Managers for Windows, Linux … Read more

Top 5 Currency Converter in Computer

Online conversion tools make it easy to convert currencies from one to another. Even Google itself has a handy currency converter you can use to find out how much the foreign currency is worth in your local currency. Nevertheless, switching tabs constantly can diminish your productivity if you need to perform countless conversions, such as … Read more

Best Application to Backup and Sync Google Chrome to New Computer

Google Chrome is the most popular web browser. If you use Chrome, it’s important to know how to back up your data and transfer your data to new PC Our summaries of the best application, listed alphabetically, will help you decide which one to use so you can start transferring your google chrome data to … Read more

The 5 Best Authenticator Apps to Generate 2FA Codes on Windows (2024)

The best authenticator apps make it simple and easy to improve your online security using two-factor authentication.These windows two-factor authentication apps bring 2FA right to your desktop and help you secure your online accounts. 1. Secure Authenticator Secure two factor authenticator in Windows is a simple and secure authentication app. It helps keep your online … Read more

Best authenticator apps for Android, iOS, Windows, and macOS

If you use two-factor authentication with one-time codes generated in an app, Google Authenticator is not your only option. Since Google’s original solution was created a decade or so ago, a number of alternatives that outperform it in convenience and functionality have come on the scene. As recently, you could count available authenticator apps on … Read more