Google Chrome will ask European users to select a search engine as default

Desktop Google Chrome browser users in the European Union and European Economic Area will soon see a “select search engine” message, allowing them to easily change their default search engine. According to the source, this message will be displayed when the browser is launched early next year, and it has already appeared in the Android version of the application.

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When launching Chrome, a window appears asking the user to select a default search engine, and there are a large number of options to choose from. In addition to the search engine of Google itself, here you can see Microsoft Bing, DuckDuckGo and Yandex, as well as less popular search engines Brave, Yep and Qwant. It is noted that the list of available options may vary depending on which search engines are popular in a particular country.

“Chrome asks you to select a default search engine based on your region’s laws. These search engines are popular in your area and appear in random order. The default search engine allows you to search the Internet and supports Chrome features such as search from the address bar and image search on web pages. The feature may not be available if your search engine does not support it. You can change your search engine at any time in Chrome settings,” Google said in a statement.

The search engine, which is already used by default, is not highlighted in the list displayed to users. Users need to make a choice according to their preferences and confirm it. In the future, the search engine can be changed in the application settings.